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TropiClear Defoamer

Rapidly reduces foam

  • Use in spas and hot tubs
  • Fast and effective
  • Concentrated formula

TropiClear Super Duty Tile Soap

  • Improved formula
  • Works on tile, vinyl, metal and concrete
  • Mix with muriatic acid to create a non-fuming gel cleaner
    Defoamer is an effective anti-foaming agent designed especially for spas, hot tubs and therapeutic pools subject to high aeration. May also be used in swimming pools and fountains.

For Professional Use Only

TropiClear Skum Remover

Multi-enzyme concentrate for digesting oils in pool and spa water.

  • Safe to swim during and after treatment
  • Environmentally safe
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-irritating
  • Non-toxic

TropiClear Pool Salt

For Salt Chlorine Generators: Made from high purity salt – the natural way to sanitize

  • Enjoy luxurious, soft-feeling pool water
  • Easy to spread and dissolve
  • Reduces staining
  • Reduces the need for additional chemicals
  • Lasts all season

TropiClear Ultra Blue Clarifier

This product has proven to be a superior water clarifier in swimming pools, spas and fountains.

This product coagulates the tiny particles and oily liquids that build up in your water so your filter can remove them. But unlike single-purpose clarifiers, Ultra Blue Clarifier does a whole lot more than just make your water look clean.

Like millions of microscopic magnets, Ultra Blue Clarifier gathers stain-causing metals like iron, copper, zinc and manganese in your filter where they stay until you wash your filter.

Ultra Blue Clarifier takes the water-dulling soaps, oils and other contaminants out of your water and deposits them in your filter.

Any filter will leave a certain amount of unwanted material in your water. Ultra Blue Clarifier allows your filter to trap these impurities and hold them without clogging. The molecular structure of this product keeps the impurities on the filter media, and not in the spaces that your water passes through. So your filter can actually run longer between cleanings.

TropiClear Tile & Vinyl Brite

Works on tile, chrome, vinyl, and other pool surfaces. Clings to vertical surfaces, and quickly and easily removes oily grime and scale. Just wipe on dirty surface, wait a few minutes and remove with a mild abrasive mitt or brush.

TropiClear Oxidizing Shock & Swim

A safe, effective, oxidizing shock treatment for Pools and Spas

  • Full strength
  • Swim 15 minutes after application
  • Oxidizes contaminants
  • Restores water clarity

TropiClear Metal Out

Metal Out is used to remedy stains, scale, discoloration and cloudy water caused by metals coming out of a solution (precipitation) in the water.

TropiClear Filter Cleaner

Cuts away grease, body oils, and even sun-tan lotion!

TropiClear 4 in 1 Clarifier

Why use TropiClear® 4 in 1 Clarifier?
Because preventing these common problems is better than worrying about them!

4 in 1 Clarifier has been used to clear hazy sea water for underwater photography. You’ve never seen truly clean water until you’ve seen 4 in 1 Clarifier water.

4 in 1 Clarifier reduces the formation of chloramines (also known as “combined chlorine”), the chemical in your water that burns your eyes and annoys your nose.

4 in 1 Clarifier encapsulates body oils and cosmetics and prevents them from combining with soaps and swimmer wastes to form unsightly scum deposits.

4 in 1 Clarifier does wonders for cartridge, sand, and D.E. filters. Your filter won’t gum up with oil. It will stay like new as it works better and lasts longer between changes.

4 in 1 Clarifier makes every sanitization system work better, including bromine, Baquacil®, ionization and ozone. Your total chemical bill will definitely be lower. Use 4 in 1 Clarifier once a week and you can stop using metal seques-trants, filter cleaners and costly enzymes. Your sanitizer will last longer, your algaecide will work better and you’ll stock less often.

TropiClear Quick Dissolving Shock

  • For use in vinyl and concrete pools
  • Sanitizes pool water
  • Kills algae
  • Eliminates bacteria and organic contaminants
  • Protects against odor
  • Dissolves quickly with no residue

TropiClear 8 oz. Chlorinating Sticks

Chlorinating Sticks offer an easy and effective pool disinfectant solution.

Currently out of stock

TropiClear Multi-Tabs

Clarifier, Descaler, Stain Inhibitor, controls Algae and kills Bacteria – all in one!

TropiClear Granular Dichlor

Granular Dichlor stabilizes and concentrates dichlor granules for shocking and controlling algae problems, contains 56% available chlorine and is pH neutral. Granular Dichlor 56 is excellent for those who get a negative reaction or rash from bromine.

TropiClear Super Shock (Cal Hypo)

Super Shock is highly concentrated calcium hypochlorite for quick pool shocking to help control algae and bacteria. Super Shock has 68% active calcium hypochlorite (65% available chlorine) that helps clear the most contaminated pools.

TropiClear 3″ Jumbo Tabs Unwrapped

Add Jumbo Tabs to swimming pools to keep the water free of bacteria and algae. These chlorine tablets will reduce the amount of time spent on pool maintenance.

TropiClear pH Minus

Safely lowers pH of pool water when used as directed. A good pH test kit is required for use of this product.

TropiClear pH Plus

It is important to keep your pool water in balance to get the most effective use of your chemicals. Test daily to ensure that pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness and cyanuric acid (stabilizer) are within the correct levels.

TropiClear Alkalinity Control

Low Total Alkalinity of your pool water may result in corrosion to metal and plaster components of your pool system, cause staining, etching or distortion. By raising the Total Alkalinity of your pool with TropiClear® Alkalinity Control, you not only prevent these problems, but also eliminate “pH bounce” by buffering the water against changes in the pH. The Total Alkalinity of pool water should be maintained between 80-120 ppm.

TropiClear Calcium Hardness Treatment

This product is used to raise calcium hardness in swimming pool water. Low calcium hardness causes pool water to be corrosive and may result in staining, etching or distorting of the pool’s finish. Plaster etched by low calcium hardness will become abrasive and uncomfortable for swimmers. Rough plaster increases algae problems and makes cleaning more difficult.

TropiClear Stabilizer

TropiClear® Stabilizer ensures effective, economical results from your chlorine sanitizer by slowing the breakdown of active chlorine due to the effects of sun, heat and other adverse effects. It will help maintain a continuous chlorine residual. This product is effective for stabilizing both liquid and dry types of chlorine sanitizers.

TropiClear Algaecide 60

Algaecide 60 kills algae and cleans the water in your swimming pool. Algaecide 60 non-foaming formula can be used without closing the swimming pool.

TropiClear No More Troubles®

Preventive treatment for yellow & mustard color deposits on any type of pool surface. May also be used on minor green deposits. Must use with liquid chlorine or solid chlorination tablets/sticks or granular chlorination shock.

TropiClear Yellow Eliminator

Yellow Eliminator is a sodium based chlorine multiplier that quickly eliminates yellow and mustard slime.

Currently out of stock

TropiClear Black Algae Destroyer

Severe algae growth such as black algae is resistant to normal chlorine levels and most liquid algaecides. Black Algae Destroyer is an extremely powerful algaecide and bactericide formulated specially to kill problem algal growth.

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