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TropiClear Black Algae Destroyer

Severe algae growth such as black algae is resistant to normal chlorine levels and most liquid algaecides. Black Algae Destroyer is an extremely powerful algaecide and bactericide formulated specially to kill problem algal growth.


Additional information


Jar, Pail and Bucket


TC-902-1, TC-9010 and TC-9050


2, 10 and 50lb


Before using Black Algae Destroyer, turn off the pool pump and remove any automatic pool cleaner. Brush algae growth with pool brush then sprinkle Black Algae Destroyer directly over growth using the dosage chart below.

Pool Volume Dosage
5,000 gallons 8oz.
7,500 gallons 12oz.
15,000 gallons 1.5lbs.
20,000 gallons 2lbs.
30,000 gallons 3lbs.
40,000 gallons 4lbs.

See product label for detailed directions.

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