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TropiClear Stabilizer

TropiClear® Stabilizer ensures effective, economical results from your chlorine sanitizer by slowing the breakdown of active chlorine due to the effects of sun, heat and other adverse effects. It will help maintain a continuous chlorine residual. This product is effective for stabilizing both liquid and dry types of chlorine sanitizers.


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Jar, Bag, Sack and Drum


TC-602-1, TC-STAB-4, TC-STAB-8, TC-7/50 and TC-7


1.75lb, 4lb, 8lb, 50 lb, 100 lb

Active Ingredients

Isocyanuric Acid- 98%, Other Ingredients- 2%


  1. Backwash or clean filter and measure cyanuric acid level.
  2. Chlorinate pool water to satisfy chlorine demand (2-4 ppm).
  3. Adjust pH of pool water to the 7.2-7.8 range. A pH of 7.4 is ideal
    for plaster pools and a pH of 7.6 is ideal for vinyl, fiberglass and
    painted pools.
  4. Through the skimmer, add TropiClear® Stabilizer at a rate of 2.5
    to 3 pounds per 10,000 gallons. [300 g-360 g per 10,000 L]. This
    should introduce about 30 to 35 g/L ppm of cyanuric acid.
  5. Alternatively, pre-dissolve required amount (as above in step 4)
    of TropiClear® Stabilizer in a bucket of hot water and stir.
    Remember this is a slow dissolving product. Add solution to pool
    by pouring along the perimeter.
  6. DO NOT backwash or clean filter for at least 48 hours.
  7. A cyanuric acid level of 40-60 ppm [40-60 g/L] is recommended. Use a test
    kit specific for cyanuric acid (Pool Stabilizer or Conditioner). Add
    TropiClear® Stabilizer until proper levels are attained and add
    as required throughout the year.

– See Dosage chart of label


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