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Algaecides are chemical treatments designed to kill algae and prevent new algae growth. Algae spores are airborne so rain and debris introduce algae to pool water, and sunlight and warm weather allow it to flourish.

Black Algae Destroyer
Yellow Eliminator
No More Troubles®
Algaecide 60

TropiClear Algaecide product line
Black Algae Destroyer
TropiClear Black Algae Destroyer 2LB

2 LB Jar               TC-902-1

TropiClear Black Algae Destroyer 10 LB pail

10 LB Pail         TC-9010

TropiClear Black Algae Destoyer 50 LB bucket

50 LB Bucket       TC-9050

Yellow Eliminator
TropiClear Yellow Eliminator 6 oz. bag

6 oz Pouch        TC-44040

TropiClear Yellow Eliminator 2 LB

2 LB     TC-4402-1

TropiClear Yellow Eliminator 25 LB pail

25 LB    TC-4425

No More Troubles®
TropiClear No More Troubles 1 QT bottle

QT        TC-03032

TropiClear no more troubles algaecide 1 gallon

GAL      TC-03033

Algaecide 60
TropiClear Algaecide 60 1 QT bottle

QT        TC-60-1


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