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Balancers help regulate water quality to protect all pool surfaces, and provide your sanitizer the best environment for disinfection. Proper water balance is key to achieving pool water that is safe and healthy for swimmers and equipment.

Calcium Hardness Treatment
Alkalinity Control
pH Plus
pH Minus

TropiClear Balacer product line
TropiClear Stabilizer 1.75 LB

1.75 LB Jar         TC-602-1

TropiClear Stabilizer 4 LB bag

4 LB Bag           TC-STAB-4

TropiClear Stabilizer 8 LB bag

8 LB Bag           TC-STAB-8

Also Available:

50 LB Sack   TC-7/50,  100 LB Drum  TC-7

Calcium Hardness Treatment
TropiClear Calcium Hardness Treatment 4 LB bag

4 LB Bag           TC-CAL-4

TropiClear Calcium Hardness Treatment 8 LB bag

8 LB Bag            TC-CAL-8

TropiClear Calcium Hardness Treatment 15 LB bucket

15 LB Pail           TC-1615-1

Alkalinity Control
TropiClear Alkalinity Control 5 LB bag

5 LB Bag           TC-ALK-5

TropiClear Alkalinity Control 10 LB bag

10 LB Bag          TC-ALK-10

pH Plus
TropiClear PH Plus 5 LB bag

5 LB Bag            TC-PHP-5

TropiClear PH Plus 10 LB bag

10 LB Bag          TC-PHP-10

pH Minus
TropiClear PH Minus 10 LB pail

10 LB Pail           TC-2610-1


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